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[...] a Maestro who has and transmits a great knowledge [...]

Junichiro Takashi​ (Japan/Germany, Violin)



[...] one of the most prominent conductors of national scene [...]

Antonio Noguera (National Composition Prize)

[...] the Audience acclaim Vicent Pelechano during ten minutes [...]


Regio Theater 

[...] exceptional and fantastic Tchaikovsky Symphony nº 5 performance [...]


Robert Weaver (Artistic Director Bristol University Chamber Orchestra)



[...] character, energy and feelings during the performance [...]


Los Ángeles Conducting Institute  (US)

[...] a great conductor with a hearing sensitivity [...]

Hagia Pastor (Switzerland, International Pianist)

[...] Vicent Pelechano has innate qualities for conducting. Since I met him, I saw it was a special person to the conducting [...]

Albert Argudo (Valles Symphony Orchestra)

Vicent Pelechano conducted to 302 performers and the audience  in historical interpretation in Palacio Festivales Concerthall. (only Spanish)

Interview in Newspaper

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