Pioneer project in Spain. Music and hearing impaired. (only Spanish)

Newspaper Article

[...] a great conductor who conveys character , sensations and feelings [...] psychology of symphony conducting [...] every concert the audience was too small [...] a large resounding success at Santander city [...]

Juliana Casillas (Goleta Magazine)

[...]i would like to make my compliments for your interpretation of my symphonic work[...]

Jacob de Haan (International Composer)

[...] the pleasant feeling of listening to Symphony  [...]

Pablo Bermúdez (Daily Montañés)

[...] amazing performance from European rhythms to jazz [...]

Lola Gallardo (Daily Montanes)

The Best Première Vicent Pelechano  with spanish music in Cantabria Parlament Auditorium.

Daniel Pedriza (Daily Montanes) 

[...] amazing performance with the spanish dance on the stage[...]

Lola Gallardo (Daily Montanes)

[...] the orchestra  conductor must be a leader[...] The orchestra  conductor  knows if the work will be

positive before the rehearsal[...]

Lola Gallardo (Daily Montanes)


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