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SEASON 19/20

Cantabria University

20 March 2020

Music and Spanish Literature


CASYC Theater 

7 March 2020

Female Composers

Works to Emilie Mayer, Cécile Chaminade 

Cantabria University

6 March 2020

Pictures at Exhibition

Works to TBA 

Cantabria University

28 february 2020

Great Composers II

Works to C. M. Weber, G. Bizet 

Cantabria University

14 february 2020

Great Composers I

Works to J. Brahms, G. Verdi, G. Holst


23-26 January 2020

Workshop Symphony Orchestra

Works to F. Schubert, J. Turina

Casyc Theater

4 January 2020

New Year's Concert

Works P. I. Tchaikovsky, J. Strauss, A. Dvorak 

Palacio Festivales

26 december 2019

National Sport Concert

Works to J. Williams, J. Suk

Casyc Theater

20 December 2019

Christmas Concert

Works to S. Prokofiev, P. I. Tchaikovsky

Cantabria University 

13 December 2019


Works to F. A: Barbieri, F. Chueca 

Parlamento de Cantabria

6 december  2019

Spain National Day

Works to E. Chabrier, L. Bocherini, R. Chapí 

Pazardzhik, Bukgary

3 december 2019

Pazardzhik Symphony Orchestra

Works to F. Schubert, L. v. Beethoven

Cantabria University

22 november 2019

Contemporany Symphonic II

Works to F. Ticheli


16/1November 2019

Masterclass Conducting

Works to G. Giménez, G. Bizet

Cantabria University

8 november 2019

Contemporary Symphonic I

Works to M. Ellerby, A. Waignein 

Logan, Utah, USA

25 October 2019

Utah University Symphony Orchestra

Works to M. de Falla, G. Bizet

Foundation Botín

22/29 September 2019

Peter and the Wolf

Works to S. Prokofiev

Lliria, Valencia

4/ 7 september 2019

Camerata UIMP Valencia

Works to F. Schubert, J. Turina

UIMP Auditorium

2 September 2019

UIMP/ OJAA Orchestra

Works to E. Grieg, L. v. Beethoven

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