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"...Education, more than any other resource of human origin,

is the great equalizer of the conditions of man..."

Mann, Horace


Project 1: Sound of the Silence

A Rehearsal to deaf-and-dumb people

Vicent Pelechano  begins the rehearsal and receives the collective with the specific language to deaf and dumb people.

A unique experience, unrepeatable and endearing. Music is not a reality, it is a sensation. And they felt the music. "It was like a tingling inside me" "something inside me" or "my body vibrated to the beat of music" were some statements of people who came out excited about this experience.

Shoes outside. Balloons in hand. Some tips for listening to music through the skin and body. Emotion, joy, happiness, enthusiasm, impact .... They moved their heads to the beat of the music and they followed the rhythm with the body and clapping.

Vicent Pelechano moved the baton. Strauss rumbled in the saal. Fright, surprise, emotion ... Their faces said everything. Happiness for listening to music.

"I've never felt anything like it," explained Alberto Torres, who managed to keep up with the music. "I noticed the musical tones going up and down," explained another hearing impaired person, who acknowledged that the first notes "frightened me, but then everything has been fantastic"

They take membranes and leaned on the instruments to feel the music in another way. "It's even better," said a woman who felt "a tingle while listening to the melody. I had been told that music, when excited, caused that tingling, but I had never felt it. " By the bass drum a man was happy. "I felt it deep inside" he recounted after hearing its sound through a membrane. Some even spoke of lightning. "I have heard them" they said.

Maestro Pelechano changed the melody and came the 'Leichte Kavallerie' of von Suppé. The beginning also frightened a little, but then "we noticed a sweet and pleasant sound." They difference the rhythms, they followed the music.  Serious, presto, allegro, vivace, andante, slow, long. And came the 'March of the Shostakovich Jazz Suite. Already more lively, the hearing impaired the music and some even hummed.

Alberto Torres: "So far I just felt the vibration of the instruments, we had been taught to feel the vibrations with balloons and empty plastic bottles, but today, for the first time, the music has moved me. Emotion and life"

Vicent Pelechano explained that people with disabilities have no sense, "but the others have more developed and that's why the experience has been interesting." 

Lola Gallardo


Project 2: Discover the other Music

A Rehearsal to intellectual disability and Down syndrome people

There are few opportunities during the season to performance public rehearsal to people with intellectual disability and Down syndrome, but when it happens, we can observe the true music scope. This special people changes completely in direct contact with the sound, surprising their reactions, which we can discover feelings that are not perceive daily.

With our special audience today, association AMICA, we have observed the psychological power of music as well as the influence it over people.

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